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Posted by mark townsend
ACCIDENT WAITING TO HAPPEN [ EUJET ] To whom it may concern I am seriously concerned with regard to the safety of the low-cost airline EUJET based in Manston, Kent, UK. This communiqué distributed throughout the internet and news media services serves to warn those in authority and passengers alike to the potential dangers of this amateurish airline operation. Since their name change and inaugural flights out of Manston International airport in Kent, this airline has been plagued with a litany of incompetence business practices. I originally booked 30 flights and used 12 of them and not one of these flights was on time in fact all of the flights were at least 5 hours or more delayed. In one case we circled the airport at Manston a number of times while they tried to free the undercarriage . Fire engines and emergency vehicles greeted our eventual return. We then were herded on to another flight to Spain and after 8 hours and via Murcia we eventually arrived in Palma de Mallorca. I could write pages and pages on each facet of this grossly incompetent airline and so could many hundreds of other passengers. I would welcome any comments at the FORUM found at www.thedailymajorca.com entitled EUJET. Please write and tell your story in order to establish the overall chaos caused by this airline. LIGHTNING DOES STRIKE TWICE My greatest fear is based upon the last two separate flights, one to Palma and one to Faro, in each case the plane circled the airport and had to make an emergency landing. With over 40 years of flying experience I have never encountered this once, that alone twice in one month on the same airline. The strange thing is in the most recent case [ 30th April 2005 ]the aircraft had other pre-flight problems and EUJET removed an altimeter from another aircraft to use on this flight just before take off , and when we finally came back to the airport because of faulty undercarriage, they then used the other aircraft that they had removed the altimeter from to complete the journey. Stranded/Abandon customers across Europe, flights being cancelled, no support staff at any of their destinations, 10 hour + delays.... EUJET are a disgrace and almost certainly dangerous in their operation. Regards Mr Mark Townsend
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